Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Comics Clutch

Modge Podge
Old comics
Paper clips

This is one of the few crafts I will ever have on here that isn't actually linked up to instructions on how to make it since I didn't have any. I had seen someone do this with shoes and thought that a more useful method to use this process might be with something not worn on as much. So I bought a clutch and found an old Thor comic and proceded to cut out some of the more colorful panels. From there is was just a process of fitting the panels and modge podging the crap out of them. The clutch surface was slick and the comics weren't exactly keen on staying put, especially around the curve of the clutch and over the edges. I found the best way to work with the edges was to paper clip them in place until the modge podge had enough time to dry to stick. This was honestly far simpler than it looked and I'm quite proud of what I ended up with even if the metal part of the clutch is a little gunky. I haven't had a chance to clean it off yet. My only worry is how well it will all hold up over time, but as of now everything seems to be sticking and I'm quite pleased.

Disaster level: ** (once I figured out how to paper clip everything it went pretty well)

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