Thursday, August 2, 2012

Homemade Kotinos

9 brown pipe cleaners
green construction paper

I felt that any craft involving only 4 supplies should be a snap. I mean this is a kid's craft and a novelty kid's craft at that. No one is going to be giving an Olympic wreath as a Christmas gift. There's plenty of leeway on how much you can bungle this one up. Right? Interestingly it was a bit more easy to ruin than I originally anticipated.

First off, wrap three of the pipe cleaners to make a thicker, twisted pipe cleaner. Do this to the other two sets of three pipe cleaners as well. You should have three thicker, twisted pipe cleaners then. Wrap the ends of each of the twisted bundles together and modify it to how big the head you're putting it on is. You should have a nice circlet effect going on. I did and thought things were going great at this point. Next, cut out leaf shapes in your green construction paper. Make quite a few so you have plenty to put around the wreath. Things still going well.

Then we hit the snag. Rather than use white glue that takes a long time to set and would have me holding the leaves there for a long time, I decided to use super glue. Unfortunately super glue and construction paper do not mix. Not only does it not stick, but it also bleeds through the paper. I had no white glue on hand, so thinking fast I whipped out a tube of glitter glue and put a thin layer on small spots on the leaves, let it dry, then put the super glue on that. That actually worked. Those leaves are going nowhere. I believe I ended up with a wreath far sturdier than originally invisioned.

Disaster level: ** (very sturdy but there are still glue spots showing through and I don't know how white glue would do with it)

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