Friday, August 3, 2012

Easy Octopus

Googly eyes

To look at the picture on the site I found the craft, you'd think this is a fool proof way to make an adorable sea creature that will sit on a table. Not true. With only 4 supplies I managed to make something lopsided that tips over.

First you have to print the oval template and cut out the felt. Then cut 8 even pieces of yarn and glue them spaced evenly around one side of the felt. After that dries, wrap the felt around a finger and tie the bottom with an extra piece of yarn. This is where the problems formed. Somehow I could never get the oval to wrap around my finger in such a way that A.) the bottom was even and B.) that the head looked anything like the picture. After struggling for a while I finally got it tied off, but the bottom is lopsided and because of that all it can do is lay rather than sit in any fashion. I finally glued googly eyes and gave up, leaving what you see there. It looks sort of cute while you're holding it, but the minute you try to sit it down, the flaw becomes glaring.

Disaster level: *** (Someone tell me how to make it wrap even!)

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